Mozilla working on email alias feature to help keep your email private

The 'Private Relay' feature would let users submit unique email addresses in place of their real one

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Firefox could soon let you generate email aliases to submit to a website so you don’t have to give out your actual email.

Mozilla is in the process of developing the feature, according to GizmodoCalled ‘Private Relay,’ it exists as a Firefox browser add-on. When filling in online forms, users can click the Private Relay button to generate a “unique, random, anonymous” email address. Firefox will forward emails sent to that unique address to users’ actual inbox.

The feature sounds similar to Apple’s ‘Sign-In with Apple‘ button, which creates a temporary email so users don’t have to give up their actual email when signing up for something online.

Gizmodo notes that if the alias email gets spammed or if the user no longer wants to receive emails associated with that address, they can just delete it. It’s a much easier process than trying to block spammers or jump through unsubscribe hoops.

“Private relay is in a very early experimental phase at this time. We’ll make sure to share more information when it’s ready to test with consumer audiences,” a Mozilla spokesperson told Gizmodo. However, there is currently a website for Private Relay and the extension is available for download if you have an invite code.

The spokesperson did not provide any details regarding when the feature entered testing or when it would finish. However, ZDNet reports Private Relay entered testing last month. The feature could get a public beta later this year. Further, Gizmodo says that Firefox plans to add a waitlist for Private Relay soon.

Source: Mozilla Via: Gizmodo, ZDNet