Federal government launches website to combat conspiracy theories linking 5G to COVID-19

The website outlines that there is no scientific basis for the claims

The federal government has launched an informative website to explain radio frequency and to counter misinformation about 5G and COVID-19.

The website states that “there have been claims linking the deployment of 5G networks to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and to increased risks of cancer. Health Canada confirms that there is no scientific basis for these claims.”

It outlines that 5G devices need to meet radio frequency (RF) exposure requirements before they are sold in Canada, and that antenna systems “using 5G technology will continue to have the same RF exposure compliance obligations.”

Further, the government says that compliance with RF exposure requirements will continue to be an ongoing obligation.

Some theorists have falsely been claiming that 5G deployment has created the virus, while others claim that COVID-19 is a coverup for 5G deployment.

Quebec provincial police have made two arrests in relation to a series of cell tower fires in the province over the past few weeks. There have been at least seven cell towers found ablaze as of May 1st in Quebec.

The conspiracy theories linking 5G to the virus first started gaining popularity in the U.K., where more than 50 cell towers have been set ablaze. The theories have started to gain popularity in other European countries and have since made their way to North America.

The government website also includes several other pieces of important information such as Canadian limits for wireless devices, explanations on why RF energy is important, and insights into what amount of RF exposure is considered safe.