Huawei and Honor may have to stop using its Kirin chips due to U.S. restrictions

Huawei might have to stop building its own Kirin chipsets due to the licensing restrictions put it in place by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The restrictions put in place prevent U.S. software and technology to be implemented in its chips.

And Huawei uses Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, a fabrication plant in Arizona, to help assemble its chipsets. Thus, because of the restrictions, TSMC has now stopped taking orders from Huawei, according to the report.

Due to this, Huawei and its sub-brand Honor are now considering working with companies like MediaTek and UNISOC in anticipation of not being to use its own chips. This latest news comes from CNMO and Nikkei 

Additionally, Huawei is already reported to be in talks with the two companies, which Zhao Ming, Honor’s president of business, mentioned in a previous interview.

Huawei already uses MediaTek in some of its mid-range devices; therefore, it’s quite possible that MediaTek might develop the chips for high-range smartphones.

Source: Nikkei, CNMO, Via: Android Police