Smoother Nintendo 3DS emulation has arrived on Android with Citra launch

The New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS emulation is coming to Android devices thanks to 3DS emulator Citra making its official jump to devices powered by Google’s operating system.

Now, you will be able to play 3DS games on Android devices. The emulator is also available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

A couple of years ago, Citra made its way to Android devices through an unofficial port. The team behind this emulator says this new version is much more stable.

“[The unofficial Android port] led to an increase in support and feature requests of the official team — who had nothing to do with that… port,” Citra said on its website.

“So while the team applauded the efforts of this developer, we had to deny providing support for it because it was unofficial.”

Citra includes compatibility with hundreds of Nintendo 3DS games, support for various built-in 3DS features and external gamepads.

In addition, 3DS games on the app feature enhanced graphics, such as resolution scaling and texture filtering — a feature that works best on high-end devices.

The app itself doesn’t include any games or copyrighted system files. This means that just like other emulators, you’ll need to hunt down 3DS ROM files on your own.

It should be noted that the Android version of Citra is still in development. The app is currently available on the Google Play Store in early access.

Source: Citra Via: Android Authority