Chrome is looking to make it easier to quick search with new ‘Query Tiles’ feature

The tiles are search shortcuts with images

Google’s browser team has added new features to Chrome over the years including bookmarks, downloads, Discover content, games, top sites, and more.

As noted by Android Police. it looks like Chrome is experimenting by adding a ‘query tiles’ feature. The new addition are search shortcuts with pictures that will make it easier to identify a specific link.

Users in the U.S. can sort the titles into categories like news, movies, tv shows, recipes, music, health, electronics and more. For anyone who wants to sort tiles more specific categories, there are sub-categories like COVID-19 (news) or video games (electronics).

At this point, there’s no telling whether Chrome will discard this feature or if it’s here to stay. For now, though, you can give the titles a try; they might make your searches faster and more efficient.

Source: Android Police