Colors Live is coming to the Switch through Kickstarter

Colors Live comes with the SonarPen stylus and registers pressure

Colours Live

Colors Live — a painting app that was available on the Nintendo DS and 3DS — is coming to the Switch.

The game includes a stylus and utilizes the Switch’s 3.5mm headphone jack in unique way to register pressure sensitivity.

This game’s SonarPen uses technology that sends an 8,000Hz tone through the cable and the tip of the stylus. This allows the SonarPen to measure pressure accurately. When the stylus makes contact with the Switch’s screen, the tone is dampened and then utilized to gauge how much pressure is being applied.

The microphone in the stylus records the difference in tone and then sends it through the cable into the jack so that the Colors Live app registers the sound. Though this technology is nowhere near as accurate as a Wacom tablet or an Apple Pencil, it should improve Colours Live’s painting accuracy.

Colors Live is available through Kickstarter for $41 USD ($54.90 CAD) with an estimated for delivery in August 2020.

Source: Kickstarter Via: Gizmodo