Samsung, Corning reportedly team up to make ultra-thin glass for foldables

The new ultra-thin glass could be ready for Samsung's 2021 foldables

Samsung is reportedly looking to expand on its ultra-thin glass (UTG) supply chain and bring Corning into the fold.

According to a report from Korean-language publication DDaily (via Android Authority), Samsung established its own UTG supply chain with U.S.-based Corning, the company behind Gorilla Glass. It’s believed that Samsung is teaming up with Corning to lower the cost of foldable display components.

Previously, Samsung debuted UTG on the Galaxy Z Flip. At the time, UTG was made by German manufacturer Schott.

Unfortunately, DDaily reports that both Samsung and Corning need more time to develop their UTG solution. The tech could be ready for Samsung’s 2021 foldable devices. In other words, the rumoured 2020 devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Fold 2 will likely use UTG from current suppliers.

Considering Corning has largely cornered the smartphone screen market with its Gorilla Glass tech, this move towards UTG is significant. Further, having more players in the UTG segment could help lower the cost and make foldable more affordable.

Android Authority also notes that Corning’s first Gorilla Glass debuted on the original iPhone before other manufacturers adopted it. As such, it’s possible that Corning’s UTG solution could arrive on other foldable, perhaps after a period of exclusivity with Samsung.

Further, Corning has previously confirmed it was working on foldable Gorilla Glass technology. As such, it could integrate Gorilla Glass tech into UTG, making for stronger foldable screens.

Rumours suggest Samsung will unveil a Galaxy Fold 2 with UTG  and a 5G variant of the Galaxy Z Flip alongside the Note 20 line in August.

Source: DDaily Via: Android Authority