BMO app now lets users replace a damaged credit card

The bank notes that customers will receive a new card in few business days

BMO customers can now replace a damaged credit card through the bank’s iOS and Android app.

“Is your credit card a little banged up? Not to worry. We can send you a shiny new one in a few business days. Select your account then hit the ‘Manage Card’ icon to set it up,” the update description reads.

Once you select ‘Manage Card,’ you can tap the appropriate reason for needing a new one under “Replace your card” to submit your request.

BMO also recently updated its app to allow users to change and reset their credit card PIN. Customers can also use the app to dispute a charge or lock their credit cards.

You can download the BMO Mobile Banking app on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.

Source: BMO Via: iPhoneinCanada