OnePlus working on 65W fast charging, according to Android 11 beta code

The code suggests OnePlus will call the fast charging system 'Super Fast Charging'

OnePlus makes a big deal about the speed of their phones. If you’ve ever used one, you’ll understand why — OnePlus devices are always snappy and quick.

Plus, the company puts a lot of effort into making sure other aspects are just as quick, such as charging. Heck, the company even delayed adding wireless charging for years just to make sure it was “fast enough.”

However, a new leak suggests charging could get even faster on future OnePlus phones. New details uncovered by XDA Developers point to a 65W charging option for OnePlus devices, building on another leak from early May. According to some code uncovered by XDA in the Android 11 beta on the OnePlus 8 series, the company might call its 65W charging ‘Super Warp Charging.’

The code was uncovered in an internal hardware testing app and actually contained a typo. The code references a ‘Super Wrap Charger.’ However, considering that OnePlus has referred to its fast-charging systems as ‘Warp’ for some time, it’s likely just a typo or perhaps an intentional mistake to make it harder to find the code.

This builds on an earlier leak from MySmartPrice, which said OnePlus received a certificate for a charging brick that can push 65 watts of power from TĂśV Rheinland’s Japanese arm. TĂśV Rheinland is a German organization that issues technical tests and safety standards compliance certificates.

The certificate shows that the charging brick can safely provide 65 watts of power through 6.5A at 10V. By comparison, OnePlus’ current Warp Charge 30T spec is rated for 30W of maximum output. Additionally, OnePlus further tweaked the spec in software to provide shorter charge times.

Considering OnePlus’ sister company Oppo showcased a similar charger a few months back, it’s not too surprising that OnePlus could offer the same in a future phone. Plus, Android Police points out that the recent Realme X50 Pro ships with a 65W charging solution based on that technology as well.

If OnePlus’ charging solution ends up similar to Realme’s, users can expect to charge a 4,000mAh battery to 100 percent in around 30 minutes — that’s definitely fast.

Source: XDA Developers, Android Police, MySmartPrice