Google rolling out new Assistant notifications for things you do every day

If you often ask Assistant to turn off the lights at 10am, you may start getting a notification for the command every morning

If you use Google Assistant regularly, you may soon see a new notification on your phone that lets you activate common commands.

As spotted by Android Police, Google appears to be testing a feature that will pre-emptively respond to common commands. For example, if you often ask Assistant to turn off the lights at 10am, you may get a notification on your phone for that same command at that time. It pops up with the command and says “you’ve asked for this before around this time.”

Users can tap the notification to issue the command — in the case of my example, it makes Assistant turn off the lights.

Additionally, swiping on the notification to expand it reveals two options. The first is ‘Do it now,’ which is the same as tapping the notification. The second option, ‘Don’t suggest this,’ hides the notification and should prevent Assistant from sending it to you in the future.

At the moment, it remains unclear how many Assistant commands the notification feature supports. Further, it’s not clear how widely the feature has rolled out. I haven’t seen it on any of my devices, but I also don’t think I use Assistant commands regularly enough to generate one of these notifications.

Still, I imagine these notifications could prove helpful for a number of people. Hopefully, Google continues rolling them out to users.

Source: Android Police