Ontario’s new elementary school math curriculum includes coding education

This is the first time Ontario elementary schools will teach kids about coding in their math classes

Children coding on table

The Government of Ontario has introduced a new math curriculum for elementary schools that includes teaching kids programming skills.

The curriculum, which relates to Grade 1 to 8 math classes, will include — for the first time in the province — computer programming lessons starting in Grade 1, as well as financial literacy education containing examples relating to everyday life.

According to the government, this is the first update of the province’s elementary math curriculum since 2005. As part of these changes, the province says it will revise the elementary report card to align with the new curriculum and provide feedback related to the new subject matter.

Further, the Ministry of Education says it will first upload the math curriculum to the new Curriculum and Resources website so parents, teachers and students alike can review it at will.

“For over a decade, too many students were lacking everyday math, financial literacy, and numeracy skills,” said Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, in a press statement. “The new curriculum will help students solve everyday math problems, enshrine financial literacy in the early grades, and better prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow by ensuring every student learns how to code.”

Source: Government of Ontario