5 features we loved about the original Motorola Razr that are on the new model

Below are five things we love about the Moto Razr, a foldable smartphone recently released by Telus.

The click

Hanging up the phone on someone just isn’t the same without the click. Touching a glass screen to end a call may get the job done, but slamming a flip phone closed sends a message.

When we look back at iconic cell devices, one phone still holds a special place in the hearts of many, and it’s finally coming back to Canada in a big way: the Motorola Razr.

Smartphones have put incredible power in our hands, but when it comes to aesthetics, the original Motorola Razr continues to stand head and shoulders above your standard phone in 2020. From the clamshell design to the metallic keypad, the phone was built from the ground up to be a statement piece.

The same philosophy informed the design of the reinvented Motorola Razr; only now it features an improved camera, processor, and foldable display.

But underpinning those enhancements is the traditional flip-phone feeling that today’s slabs of glass just don’t provide. To honour that unforgettable aesthetic, here are five features of the new Motorola Razr that will spark your nostalgia for the days of flip phones.

The Dual Display

Having a display on the outside of the original Motorola Razr meant your primary screen was protected in your pocket or purse. It also meant your friends couldn’t read your text messages when they popped up on the screen, especially when they were from your crush.

The outer ‘Quick View’ display of the new Motorola Razr features a high-res 2.7-inch OLED display that shows important notifications, and lets you reply to messages, change songs, and more. When you open the phone, it transforms into a ‘Flex View’ display, a 21:9 high-res OLED touchscreen. For the full nostalgic effect, add your friends to your contact list with their original Myspace picture.

The Keypad

Typing on the new Motorola Razr keypad will bring on a wave of déjà vu. The flat keys with a circular arrow pad and sleek metal design harken back to when typing required pressing the same key multiple times just to produce a single symbol.

That same keypad is present on the reimagined Motorola Razr, but it’s a digital version with enhanced user capabilities. Many phones still struggle to reign in their six-inch designs with large keyboards and odd button placement. With the Motorola Razr, everything has been designed to work with one hand. Whether it’s dialling your best friend’s phone number or snapping a photo from a high angle, you’ll relish the single-handed simplicity of the Motorola Razr.

Built with Purpose

Instead of reaching for our phones to make a call, send a message, or take a photo, we now use them to look up the news, do our banking, and even monitor our health. While the new Motorola Razr can do all of those things, it’s designed to recapture the days when phones had a specific purpose.

Even though it’s a smartphone, its design makes you subconsciously question whether you really need to go on a social media binge, or if you should watch the latest season of Narcos instead. If you’re looking to use your phone more purposefully, this may be just the ticket.

The Aesthetics

The original Motorola Razr was sleek, modern, and, dare we say, sexy. It was a phone that had no business being put on a belt clip. People wanted to be seen holding it.

Borrowing those same principles, the 2020 version retains the stylish design. It’s heavier to hold than you’d expect, but you’ll still feel comfortable throwing this one in your pocket with your keys.

Back to the Click

The satisfying snap of hanging up the Motorola Razr will have you reliving the early 2000s as if you’re Ari Gold from Entourage. Using just one hand, you can snap the phone shut in a manner that commands attention. The reinvented model perfectly captures the sensation of closing the original Motorola Razr, letting you fold the display while savouring that unmistakable click.

The Motorola Razr experience comes with a premium price tag, but with Easy Payment from TELUS, you can own a brand new Motorola Razr for $0 up front, and 0 percent interest over the life of the contract. Start reliving the days when texting was only 160 characters, and sharing emotions meant using a lot of semicolons and brackets.

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