Rogers Samsung Note 10, S10 series to get June security patch June 29

The Samsung Galaxy A71 and Note 9 are both set to get the June patch as well

Rogers keeps a list of upcoming smartphone software upgrades and patches on its community forum. The current list details new updates headed to several Samsung devices.

According to Rogers’ upgrade schedule, the Samsung Galaxy A71, Note 10 and Note 10+ and Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ will all get the June security update on June 29th.

Additionally, the Galaxy Note 9 will get the security update a day later on June 30th, according to the schedule.

These upcoming updates continue Samsung’s trend of improving the speed of its updates. While still not perfect, it’s great to see Samsung pushing out security patches within a month of them becoming available.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that these dates are not set in stone. Last-minute bugs and issues, as well as other unforeseen problems, can delay updates.

Along with the Samsung phones, the schedule lists several other Samsung, BlackBerry, Huawei and LG devices that received updates in June. Some of those devices got Android 10, the May security update and the June security update.

Source: Rogers