Alexa is prepared for Canada Day with a new suite of Skills

Happy Canada Day from Amazon

Every event and hallmark holiday, Amazon adds more themed skills to its Alexa smart assistant. This time around, the digital assistant is setting its sights on Canada Day with some patriotic skills that might be a bit weird.

Starting July 1st, you can ask Alexa, “do you love Canada?,” and the assistant will give you a new custom Canadian centric response every single day in July. There are no examples of what you can expect from this, so every day should be a pleasant little Canadian surprise.

What the company is sharing is that if you tell the assistant, “Happy Canada Day,” you’ll hear Canadian legend Alanis Morissette sing “O Canada” in English and French. Further, you can ask, “Alexa, how is Canada today?” to hear Canadian musician and radio personality Shad share “a powerful message of reflection,” reads the press release.

Starting on July 3rd, you can finally ask, “Alexa, what’s Alanis’ thought of the day” because every Canadian’s dream is to get inside the head of the superhuman behind Ironic. 

Beyond that, if you’re an Amazon Music subscriber, you can listen to some custom playlists from prominent Canadian artists that those musicians feel represent their cities and towns.

Some of the playlists are as follows:

  • Tory Lanez
  • Michael BublĂ©
  • Lindsay Ell
  • FouKi
  • Night Lovell
  • Ria Mae
  • Alan Doyle
  • The Sheepdogs

Overall, I’m happy that Amazon is dedicating time to make Canadian specific skills for events like Canada Day. Still, I really wonder how many people will ask Alexa these questions.