Android 11 Beta 2 is now available for Pixel phones

The update brings platform stability to the Android 11 Beta

Google has released Android 11 Beta 2 for the Pixel 4, 3a, 3 and 2.

This is the third beta update since Google’s first Android 11 Beta and beta version 1.5.

Android 11 Beta 2, according to Google, supports “final system behaviours,” and marks “the Platform Stability milestone,” which means it’s the most stable version yet. This makes sense considering Google is planning to launch Android 11 on September 8th, according to a recent report. However, it’s still a beta and likely has at least several minor issues.

“With the platform now stable, we’re encouraging all app and game developers to start your final compatibility testing and publish your updates ahead of the final release,” reads the Android Developer blog post.

If you’re already running the Android 11 Beta build, you can wait until you receive the over-the-air update. Further, if you’re not signed up for the Android 11 Beta, you can enrol here. Or, you can flash it with the OTA and factory images files.

Source: Android Developer Blog