Android 11 to launch on September 8 according to Google video

The date closely matches the '11 Weeks of Android' timeline

It looks like Android 11 is set to launch on September 8th according to a keynote slide spotted in a video published by Google.

The video comes from the recent ‘”Hey Google” Smart Home Summit’ and addresses how developers can ensure Assistant-compatible smart home devices are ready for that date.

The slide in question clearly says “September 8th Android 11 Launch” and is part of a “Checklist” for developers to prepare for that launch. While it’s still a ways off, barring any significant delays or changes, it’s probably safe to assume Android 11 will launch on September 8th.

Considering Google’s promise of ‘11 Weeks of Android,’ which started June 15th, and the previously released schedules for the Developer Previews and Beta releases, the September 8th release fits well in that timeline. Android Police notes that a September 8th release gives enough time for the 11 weeks promised by Google along with an extra week.

Of course, it’s important to remember that this is not an official announcement from Google. As such, things could definitely change. It’s also possible the September 8th date is a deadline for developers and the Android 11 stable release could come later.

Alternatively, more delays could further postpone the launch. Ultimately, keep an eye on the September 8th release date, but don’t be surprised if that changes.

Source: Google Via: Android Police, Phone Arena