‘Bird Box’ author reveals how the Netflix movie inspired him to write a sequel

The follow-up to the novel adapted by Netflix is coming July 21st


Bird Box really blew up in popularity on Netflix when it originally dropped.

This led to Josh Malerman, the author of the original novel the movie is based on, to write a sequel, according to an Inverse interview.

The sequel, Malorie, is named after Sandra Bullock’s character in the Netflix adaption. While it’s not the sequel most fans of the Netflix movie were likely hoping for, the project is still in development.

When Malerman originally wrote Bird Box, he wrote it with a movie in mind.

“When you first start writing novels, especially now, how do you not see them cinematically? We grew up on movies,” said Malerman in the interview with Inverse.

He adds that fans of the Netflix movie can easily jump into the sequel novel as it picks up where the story ends in both the film and book.

Bird Box it’s a horror story that takes place in a post-apocalypse world caused by a creature the viewer never sees. If someone goes and looks for the creature, it causes them to go insane and ultimately commit suicide.

Survivors of this world adapted by covering their eyes whenever they go outside.

The movie stars Sandra Bulluck and features a cast of actors that includes John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Lil Rel Howery, and rapper Machine Gun Kelly,

The week Bird Box launched, almost 26 million people around the world watched the movie. At the time, the film was Netflix’s most popular sci-fi movie by a wide margin.

Malorie is coming to bookshelves and digital book platforms on July 21st.

Source: Inverse