Google Chrome for Android testing out new ‘download later’ feature

The feature lets users schedule downloads

Google Chrome on Pixel 4

It appears that the Android app for Google Chrome is testing a ‘download later’ feature that would let users schedule downloads.

As first spotted by Techdows, the feature would allow users to set a date and time for when they want to download something within the mobile browser app. It also seems that users will be able to specify if they want a download to begin when they have a Wi-Fi connection.

The feature can currently be enabled using a Chrome flag in the latest version of the app, but it isn’t functioning fully yet. Although the interface is live, it’s not consistent, which indicates that the feature is still in the testing phase.

Users will be able to select where they want files to be downloaded to. This feature could be useful if you don’t need something right away, but want to download a file for later without wasting your data.

The browser is also going to get a ‘scheduled for later’ tab to allow users to modify or cancel any scheduled downloads.

It’s unknown when the new feature will appear in a stable Chrome for Android build, but it will be a helpful one once it does.

Source: Techdows Via: 9to5Google