Telus wins Ookla’s ‘Fastest Mobile Network’ and ‘Best Mobile Coverage’ awards in Canada

The titles are based on speed and coverage from the first half of 2020


Vancouver-based national carrier Telus has received Ookla’s ‘Fastest Mobile Network’ and ‘Best Mobile Coverage’ awards for Q1-Q2 in Canada.

The carrier received a ‘speed score’ of 72.11, with average speeds of 87.31Mbps for download and 13.04Mpbs for upload. Ookla notes that a speed score incorporates providers’ download and upload speed to rank network speed performance.

Bell placed second with a score of 68.54 with average speeds of 82.80Mbps for download and 12.18Mbps for upload. Rogers followed with a score of 58.97 with average speeds of 70.15Mbps for download and 13.34Mbps for upload.

“Ookla compared user-initiated tests taken on the Speedtest iOS and Android mobile apps from all the major mobile carriers in Canada during the award period to determine who showed the fastest mobile network speeds,” the report notes.

Further, Telus received a mobile coverage score of 662 based on 182,100,745 scans. Coverage scores are calculated based on how frequently subscribers had 4G or general availability in the locations where scans were taken in the country.

“There were a total of 2,023,612 locations observed within the country on all mobile networks. Of the locations where Telus subscribers were active, 99.10 percent had general availability and 95.90 percent had 4G availability,” Ookla outlines.

Bell had a coverage score of 611 based on 159,842,634 scans, while Rogers had a coverage score of 461 based on 148,850,392 scans.

Ookla notes that all Speedtest Awards are based on six months of historical data. By using a six-month prime period, Ookla says it can examine coverage at a fine spatial scale and reduces the likelihood that short-term fluctuations in service will significantly influence its analysis.

Image credit: Ookla

Source: Ookla