Google employees not going back to work until summer 2021: report

Google offices around the world are likely going to be empty for another year

A new report claims that Google employees are going to work from home until the summer of 2021 due to COVID-19 complications.

Google’s original plan was to begin sending people back to work in early July 2020, but due to the ongoing outbreak in the U.S., that plan was cancelled. Now it appears that Googlers will need to work remotely for another year.

The report comes from the Wall Street Journal and claims that Google CEO Sundar Pichai was swayed to extending the remote work for another year since many employees may have kids that need childcare if the upcoming school year is delayed.

The report mentions that this information hasn’t been shared with most of Google’s staff. Still, it’s supposed to apply to the vast majority of the company’s employees around the world.

So far, Google seems to be taking the most precautions, but Amazon also recently announced that it’s going to keep its employees home until January 8th. 

Source: Wall Street Journal