Google working to integrate reminders into notifications

So far, this seems like it's rolling out very slowly

Google is adding two separate ‘Suggested Actions’ to notifications on Android to help users keep track of their to-do tasks.

The new Suggested Actions work with Google Keep and Tasks to offer quick ways for users to remember things from their messages.

The new feature was discovered by Android Policeand it seems like it’s still in a testing phase or hasn’t fully rolled out yet. The publication found that it worked randomly within Telegram and WhatsApp, but not with Facebook Messenger or Google’s default texting app.

The reminder action only seems to appear with messages structured like a reminder. That means phrases like ‘Please buy X’ or ‘Don’t forget X’ work the best.

In case it’s unclear, Suggested Actions are little bubbles that pop up in your notifications. Usually, they’re just Smart Replies to whatever message you’ve been sent, but sometimes they’ll suggest you copy a number from a message or prompt you to open Google Maps.

If you hit the Google Keep reminder button in your notification, it will set the message as the reminder’s title and then ask you to edit the time you want to be reminded, according to Android Police. If you set the reminder via Google Tasks, then you’ll need to manually go into the app to arrange a time since it’s not as streamlined.

Overall, this seems like a convenient tool, and I hope it comes to more notifications in the future, so people who use Facebook Messenger and Google’s texting app can take part in the feature. It’s also unclear if this feature is going to be Pixel-specific or if it’s rolling out to all Android handsets.

Source: Android Police