Toronto-based eSight unveils new vision enhancement glasses

The new eSight 4 comes with more advanced software capabilities

Toronto-based eSight has revealed the next generation of its enhanced patented vision assistive technology.

The company develops wearable assistive devices to enhance vision for those who are living with eye disease and disorders that lead to low vision and legal blindness.

The new ‘eSight 4’ provides even more visual clarity and features a more versatile hardware design to enable mobility and all-day use. It also incorporates new advanced cloud-based capabilities and mobile apps.

“While the technology continues to advance, our mission remains the same: to create a more inclusive world and empower the low vision community to see new possibilities,” said Robert Vaters, the CEO and president of eSight, in a press release.

The new eSight 4 comes with more advanced software capabilities, including improved auto-focus and 2x the maximum brightness.

It also includes new controls that continue to allow wearers to take control of their vision with 24x zoom, focus, and contrast but now also include custom viewing modes. It was also designed to be versatile and hands-free for all types of activities.

Users can use the mobile app to view their mobile screen on their eSight where they can freeze and zoom to see details, and save and share photos and videos captured on their eSight.

eSight’s vision-enhancing technology works by stimulating the remaining synaptic activity in the user’s eyes to provide the brain with increased visual information.

Image credit: eSight