Google shares August 3 reveal date for Pixel 4a

So far, no exact time has been given

Through a fun puzzle website, Google has revealed what is expected to be the date of the Pixel 4a’s unveiling.

The date is August 3rd, although no time has been given so far. If you want to check out the puzzle yourself, it’s still available here. 

The site just shows a blank phone shape along with six redacted words along the top of the screen. Throughout the main body of the website, there is a bunch of Lorem ipsum, which is fake text that’s used by website builders as placeholder copy. However, under close examination, some words like ‘onglastingis batterum’ that can be picked out.

To reveal the date, you need to click on the redacted words at the top so they start rotating through Google’s logo colours. If you line up the colours in the same sequence as Google’s logo, the date is revealed.

Overall, this little website is a lot of fun, and it’s nice that Google gave us a simple puzzle this time around.

Source: Google