Google letting iOS and Android users use 15GB of cloud storage for backups

The update should be rolling out this week

Google is slowly rolling out a new version of the Google One app to mobile devices that should make it easier for people to back up their phones.

The refreshed version of the app is rolling out to Android devices throughout the week, and at some point soon, Google is also going to release the new version of the app on iOS as well.

Every Google account already comes with 15GB of free cloud storage, but now with this new update, people can use that storage space to back up their phone. That means if you lose your device and need to get a new one, a lot of your essential info like contacts, photos and your messages will be safe in the cloud.

When the app launches on iOS, it won’t be able to automatically backup like Android does, but users will be able to enter the app and backup their info manually.

Beyond the new backup option, the app is being updated to make it easier for people to clean out their cloud storage and remove large files that they don’t want to store anymore. I know that my cloud storage is often filled with random junk, so an easy way to clean it out will be a big help.

Sadly, these features are only coming to regular Google account holders, G Suite users won’t have access.

Source: Google