OnePlus Nord display tint fix coming in future update

There's no word on when the update will drop

The OnePlus Nord has only been out in reviewers’ hands in the U.S. for a short time, but some people are reporting a few display issues. However, OnePlus has responded and is working on a fix.

The issues appeared to be happening to a few early adopters when they lower their brightness below 20 percent. Once they lower their brightness the screen appears to tint a green-ish or purple-ish colour. Some other users are complaining about off-angle tints as well.

OnePlus has said to 9to5Google that it’s working on an OTA software update that should fix the issues. That said, the company has yet to mention when the update will drop, and the phone’s global release is on August 4th.

I do have faith that OnePlus can solve this with an update, I’ve seen things that I didn’t think could be fixed on pre-production models get fixed with software, so hopefully the company can pull it off once again.

If it can’t fix the issue, it will likely be relatively bad news for the brand since the Nord in all other aspects has been reviewed favourably.

Source: 9to5Google