iPhone 11 on sale at ‘Big Three’ with device return option

It'll cost about $480 over two years to get the 64GB iPhone 11

iPhone 11

All three major carriers — Bell, Rogers and Telus — are currently offering the iPhone 11 on discount.

To be specific, the carriers are discounting the iPhone 11 only for the device return option, where the user leases the handset for two years and has to return the smartphone when the time is up.

At each of these carriers, you can pay $0 down and then for the next 24 months pay about $20 per month. This essentially lets you pay $480 to borrow an iPhone 11 for two years, though you can choose to keep the device or upgrade; however, that’ll cost extra. It’s also worth noting you have to keep your phone in an optimal condition if you plan on returning the handset.

Going off of Rogers and Bell’s websites, the monthly cost for the iPhone 11 is typically $33.90, meaning this promotion saves about $334. Additionally, if you’re to buy the iPhone 11 outright, it costs $1,005, so if you’re like me and only plan to keep your phone for two years, this deal might be the way to go.

At Bell and Rogers, only the 64GB iPhone 11 is available, but at Telus, you can lease the 128GB and 256GB variants as well. For the 128GB you can pay $0 upfront and then pay $22.75 monthly, and for the 256GB version, you can pay $0 upfront and pay $27.33 monthly.

Whatever you choose at whichever carrier, you’ll also need to select one of their unlimited plans starting at $75 per month.

The starting unlimited plan offers 10GB of high-speed data that gets throttled after reaching that soft-cap, as well as unlimited nationwide talk and nationwide texts.