Premier Ford may scrap school cellphone ban so students can use COVID Alert app

COVID Alert app on Android

Premier Doug Ford might be scrapping the Ontario smartphone ban in schools

Wednesday’s media briefing, Narcity reports, that Ford hinted that he might remove the ban in order to let students download and use the COVID-19 Alert tracing app.

Ford didn’t make an official comment but said “we can look at [scrapping the ban],” according to the publication.

Earlier this month, the COVID Alert app launched, and Ford suggested that many Canadians download the app immediately. The app only works if you have your phone on and on you at all times, and that’s why the ban would have to end.

The COVID Alert app relies on Google and Apple’s exposure notification API that uses Bluetooth to communicate anonymous codes between smartphones with the app installed.

This means that if someone gets a positive test, they’ll upload that data in their app, then send an anonymous, non-identifiable code to other smartphones with the app installed. Users in the area will then be notified if they’ve exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

To learn more about the COVID Alert app, click here.

Source: Narcity