dbrand’s latest Pastel device skins might be its best yet

These eight colours are my favourite dbrand skins yet

Most people know dbrand for its colourful cellphone skins, while others are probably only aware of the company’s sassy social media account. What a lot of people don’t know is that it’s one of the biggest success stories in Canadian tech.

Every year the company releases a fresh rotation of device skin designs, but the latest ‘Pastel’ drop is my favourite one yet.

There are eight colours in the collection, including ‘Sunset Red,’ ‘Sunrise Orange,’ ‘Mellow Yellow,’ ‘Seafoam Green,’ ‘Sky Blue,’ ‘Kind of Purple,’ ‘Off Pink’ and ‘Pastel Black.’

To my eyes, the Mellow Yellow and Seafoam Green colours are the best, but of course, this is very subjective.

I’ve had the stickers on my laptop for the past week or so, and beyond a few mistakes I made applying them, I’m delighted with how well they withstand my sweaty palms as I type away all day.

I also have the dbrand Grip case on my OnePlus 8 Pro with a sticker on it and it’s held up quite well. On the standard OnePlus 8, I have an actual skin, and it’s become one of my favourite devices because now I don’t have to worry about scratching its back and also don’t need a bulky case.

Only time will tell how long these skins last, however. The skins themselves aren’t expensive either. Most phone skins only cost around $15 CAD, while the larger laptop skins cost around $65 for all the included parts on the top, bottom and inside.

Applying stickers to the top and bottom of my MacBook was easy, but the interior ‘Palm rest’ section was a bit trickier because you need to fit the skin around the laptop’s speaker grills and the trackpad. However, if you go to dbrand’s website, you can watch several installation videos to learn how to apply the skins correctly.

I would recommend that people watch the videos regardless of what device they’re applying a skin to, but especially laptops since they’re tricky.

Overall, I’m a pretty big fan of the skins, and I think I might order a few more for some of the other phones I have so I can have a full set of yellow or green devices.