Twitter testing new ‘Quotes’ tweet counter

The feature was previously called 'retweets with comments'


Twitter is testing a new tweet quotes count feature, which it was previously calling ‘retweets with comments.’

“A few months ago, we’ve made Retweets with Comments more visible when you tap to see Retweets on a Tweet. This is available to everyone,” a spokesperson for Twitter told The Verge.

“Now, we’re testing making Retweets with Comments accessible directly on the Tweet and new language (Quotes) to see if this makes them easier to access and more understandable.”

The social media giant tested the ‘retweets with comments’ counter in May to make it easier to find quoted replies to a tweet. It appears that it’s now testing new wording for the feature.

Twitter has been testing several features recently, and not all of them have become a permanent part of the platform, so it’ll be interesting to see which wording it decides to keep for this feature.

Source: The Verge