Fido targeting customers with $65/20GB and $75/30GB plans

If you're a Fido customer or recently left the carrier, you might be able to capitalize on this deal

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Fido is targeting its existing customers with big data offers.

If you’re a Fido subscriber who is looking for a new phone plan, then check your loyalty deals because the carrier might be offering you a decently priced 10GB, 20GB or 30GB plan.

The 10GB plan costs $55 CAD per month, the 20GB plan comes in at $65, and the large 30GB option costs $75.

A reader sent in an image showing off that the Rogers-owned carrier offered them the deals when they logged into their online account.

Not only has a reader informed us of the deals, but a few posts on Redflagdeals also mention the deals. In the forum, another user posted that Fido has also been offering these deals to people who recently left the carrier as a win-back deal.

It’s worth noting that these plans seem to be for bring your own device customers.

You can read the Redflagdeals posts for your self here and here.