YouTube to stop emailing subscribers about new videos on August 13

Going forward, Android, iOS and web notifications will be the only way to get new video notifications

Starting August 13th, YouTube will no longer send email notifications for new videos uploaded to the site.

For some time, YouTube would send subscribers email notifications when channels uploaded new videos. However, in an announcement posted on a Google help page, the search giant revealed that “less than 0.1% of these emails are opened.”

Going forward, YouTube will only offer Android, iOS and web notifications for new uploads, live streams and premieres.

Further, email messages about users’ accounts, as well as mandatory service announcements and other messages, will remain. Google also hopes that by cutting out the messages about new videos, users can spot and read important YouTube emails more easily.

Interestingly, YouTube also says it saw more people engage with mobile push notifications and the Subscriptions feed when it tested not sending emails. That should alleviate creator concerns that doing away with email notifications will hurt viewership.

If you’re not sure what YouTube notification settings you have, you can click here to access your settings and change them.

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google


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