Amazon to launch podcasts on Amazon Music and Audible

It's not clear when podcasts will arrive, but Amazon has emailed podcast makers asking them to submit their feeds

Podcasts are already available on Spotify and Apple Music, but now they’re coming to Amazon Music and Audible services, according to an e-mail obtained by The Desk.

In the email, Amazon said it will let users subscribe, download and stream free podcasts on its services. Podcasts will be available for both free tier users and paid subscribers, according to the email.

Reportedly, the email was sent to podcast producers enabling them to submit their podcast feed before the feature becomes publicly available. Therefore, it will allow users to access the podcast right away.

Users would be able to stream podcasts through Echo smart speakers and Fire TV devices. When this will become available has yet to be revealed, but since Amazon is already reaching out to podcasters, it might be sooner than you think.

Source: The Desk