Spotify now offers an AI The Weeknd experience called ‘Alone With Me’

The experience is tuned to your listening experience

Spotify is offering fans a new way to enjoy famed Canadian artist The Weeknd.

The music streaming service has created an ‘Alone With Me’ immersive artificial intelligence microsite experience that’s powered by listening data.

With AI, it creates a personalized experienced based on your listening history. The Weeknd will then talk to you about how long you’ve been listening to his music, your most listened to song, and thank you for supporting him. He will even say your name.

After speaking to you, The Weeknd will start playing music and show the artist’s full body using artificial intelligence and 3D mapping technology.  You’ll be able to listen to three of The Weeknd’s songs from the After Hours album, and watch the artist walk, sit in a chair or stare you in the eyes.

To be honest, this experience was a little odd at first. To experience it for yourself, click here.