Instagram launches support for QR codes globally

The QR codes provide a shortcut directly to your profile

Instagram is launching support for QR codes globally for all users in order to offer a new way for people to connect with other accounts.

The social media giant outlines that this will allow people to scan a QR code to access an Instagram profile in an easy way.

Instagram notes that when it first launched support for QR codes in Japan, it simply wanted to offer an easy way for people to discover new interests. However, now that businesses around the world are expanding their digital presence, Instagram wants to offer a way for them to connect with users and non-users alike.

“Scanning a QR code and connecting with a business digitally, on Instagram, will allow people to check on updated store hours, buy goods or services, and generally seek more information,” a spokesperson for Instagram Canada told MobileSyrup in an email.

Users can access their unique QR code in their profile menu. To scan a QR code, users can use the IG Stores camera, QR Code camera or any third-party camera on their phone. Once the code is scanned, users will be navigated to the person or business’ profile.

Instagram says that QR codes will allow people to easily follow any account and share their own account with others. It’s worth noting that Snapchat added a similar feature a few years back.

Image credit: Instagram


  • Aisha Malik

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