Facebook’s ‘classic’ look will go away in September in favour of new design

The social media platform's new, modern design brings dark mode, better performance and a focus on Groups

Facebook’s new look has been in the works for over a year now, and soon it will be the only way to use the social network.

As spotted by Engadget, a note on a Facebook support page suggests the old design — or Classic Facebook — will go away in September. The support page details how users can switch back to Classic Facebook from the new design. Facebook made its new look default in May, but gave users the ability to opt-out.

Further, the button in Facebook for switching between the designs confirms Classic Facebook will go away in September.

To switch designs, users can click a button in the top right corner — it looks like a grey circle with a downward arrow. That opens a menu with an option to ‘Switch to Classic Facebook.’ Below that option it says “The classic Facebook will no longer be available starting in September.”

Additionally, those who click the option will be presented with a similar option and asked why they’re switching back. Facebook says it asks so it can learn why people switch back to Classic Facebook so it can improve the new experience.

Facebook’s new design brings a modern look to the social network and places greater emphasis on features like Groups, Gaming, Marketplace and Watch, a section focused on video. The new look sports a dark mode as well, and brings Facebook’s web interface in line with its mobile apps.

All in all, the new look is a fairly nice change, although I’m not sure a new coat of paint will do much to fix most of the problems with the platform. Hate speech and conspiracy theories still run rampant and the company continues to collect data on users.

Source: Facebook Via: Engadget