Virgin Mobile, Fido and Koodo now offering $50/9GB plan

Virgin Mobile, Fido and Koodo are now offering a $50/9GB plan.

Currently, these sub-brands are now offering a 5GB bonus to their regular $50/4GB plan, which essentially creates the aforementioned $50 for 9GB of data promotion.

For Virgin Mobile, this is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan.

Virgin is also offering:

  • $50/9GB
  • $55/11GB
  • $60/13GB
  • $75/15GB

The $55 for 11GB and the $60 for 13GB seem like the best options in my opinion, however, $50 for 9GB is still not that bad.

Rogers’ sub-brand Fido is also advertising $50 for 9GB of data, but this only works for new activations or hardware upgrades and not BYOD. Fido is offering the above promos as well.

Koodo first only offered $50 for 9GB through Walmart, but it has now expanded it to its website. Similar to Fido, to get access to $50/9GB, you need to purchase a new smartphone with one of Koodo’s Tab plans.

In fact, you won’t even see it on their website unless you add a smartphone to your cart with a Tab plan. Koodo is now also offering Virgin Mobile’s BYOD plans if you purchase a new phone.

It’s worth noting that Rogers, Bell and Telus are still offering $75 for 20GB deals.

Source: Koodo, Virgin Mobile, Fido