Alberta government offers support for Edmonton-Calgary hyperloop project

The hyperloop will take passengers from Calgary and Edmonton in 30 minutes at speeds up to 1,000km/hr

Toronto-based TransPod has announced that the government of Alberta has agreed to support the development of its hyperloop transportation system.

The government has signed a memorandum of understanding with the company to support the project, which aims to connect Edmonton and Calgary.

TransPod notes that the project will begin with a short-term feasibility study between 2020 and 2022, and that it will test track construction and high-speed tests in 2022. It plans to start construction on the line in 2025.

The company essentially wants to create a system that will take passengers from Calgary and Edmonton in 30 minutes at speeds up to 1,000km/hr. This would be a significant improvement from the three hours it currently takes between the two cities.

“With the convenience of a subway that departs every few minutes, TransPod will avoid airline flight diversions, travel faster than a jet, and three times as fast as a high-speed train,” TransPod outlined in a press release.

TransPod notes that the agreement with the government secures the province’s economic future without having to commit any taxpayer dollars.

“By supporting TransPod’s feasibility study, Alberta Transportation will provide important information contributing to the research, development, testing, and construction of a full inter-city TransPod line between Edmonton and Calgary,” said Alberta’s Minister of Transportation, Rick McIver, in the press release.

The company notes that the project is estimated to create up to 38,000 jobs over 10 years and reduce Alberta’s carbon emissions by up to 300,00 tonnes per year.

Image credit: TransPod

Source: TransPod