Chipolo Bluetooth trackers now available at Best Buy Canada

Both the Chipolo One and Chipolo Card trackers are available

Chipolo One and Card trackers

Bluetooth tracker-maker Chipolo announced that it brought its colourful set of trackers to Best Buy in Canada.

Arriving in time for back to school, Chipolo’s trackers offer a great way to keep track of your stuff. Whether you put one in your backpack, attach one to your keys or slip a Chipolo Card into your wallet, Chipolo can make it easy to keep track of your stuff.

Pricing actually works out quite well for this, since buying Chipolo trackers directly from the company’s website charges in USD. For example, a four-pack of Chipolo One trackers costs $75 USD (about $99.14 CAD) compared to $79.99 CAD from Best Buy.

Best Buy’s website lists the Chipolo One tracker available in Red, White, Blue, Black, Green and Yellow. Customers can also buy a four-pack of Chipolo One trackers. Best Buy sells the Chipolo Card for wallets in a one- and two-pack as well.

You can check out the trackers on Best Buy’s website, or head to Chipolo’s website to learn more about them.

It’s worth noting that Chipolo partners with other companies to launch ‘partner products’ that combine Chipolo trackers with other items. For example, customers can get laptop sleeves or wallets with built-in Chipolo trackers, although these aren’t available through Best Buy’s website.

Image credit: Chipolo