Google Arts & Culture app brings ancient creatures to AR

There are some new 'unusual cultural artifacts' on display as well

Google Arts & Culture ancient creatures

Google has introduced a variety of prehistoric animals to its Arts & Culture app.

This means that you can now interact with several ancient creatures through augmented reality (AR).

Through a partnership with institutions like Moscow’s State Darwin Museum and London’s Natural History, the app now features such animals as:

  • Aegirocassis — a 480m-year-old marine animal
  • Blue whale — the largest animal to ever live on Earth
  • Cambropachycope — owner of the oldest preserved eye
  • Silvertip shark – a ferocious apex predator

Additionally, Google has added a collection of “unusual cultural artifacts,” like the pre-Inca “smiling god” LanzĂłn from circa 500 BCE and the Apollo 11 Command Module.

You can check out the AR creatures in the free Arts & Culture app on Android and iOS.

Source: Google


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