Spotify giving free Nest Mini smart speakers to Premium subscribers tomorrow [Update]

Almost all subscribers can take advantage of this deal

Update 2020/08/27 7:15am ET:  This promo is now live and you can grab your free Google Nest Mini from Spotify. More details here.

Update 2020/08/26 4:15pm ET: Spotify Canada has clarified that the offer now goes live tomorrow. While we were able to view the page earlier today, it appears that was an error on Spotify’s part and the page was put up early.

Spotify says that the deal will be live again tomorrow.

Update 2020/08/26 12:13pm ET : It appears that Spotify has taken down the page regarding the free Nest Mini. Hopefully, it comes back soon since the fine print page is still live.

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can take advantage of a new offer to get a free Google Nest Mini smart speaker.

That said, not everyone qualifies for the deal. Subscribers with ‘Family Plans,’ ‘Partner accounts’ or those who have redeemed a Google smart speaker from Spotify before, are unable to get the new speaker. That said, the primary account holder in a Family Plan can redeem this deal.

If you don’t have Spotify yet, you can also sign up for the service with this link to get a smart speaker. The only catch here is that you don’t get the customary free month of Spotify if you want to get the speaker.

Visit this link and scroll down until you see “Already have Premium? Get your Google Nest Mini,” and click on it to redeem your speaker code. If you’re determined eligible, Spotify will send you a code that you can redeem on the Google Store to get a free speaker.

However, once you get your code sent to you, you’ll need to link your Google Assistant with Spotify for it to activate, according to the deal’s fine print. 

Codes also need to be redeemed before October 31st.

This is the second time Spotify has run this promo in Canada. Since the deal is coming back around this year, it seems like it went well last time.

Source: Spotify