Communauto launches new carsharing service in Calgary

The service is offered via a three-tiered pricing structure

Communauto Flex

The City of Calgary has partnered with Canadian carsharing company Communauto to launch a new carsharing service called Communauto FLEX.

Starting August 27th, Communauto will have a fleet of 150 cars deployed across 26 square kilometres from 50 Avenue S.W. to 21 Avenue N.W., and from 37 Street S.W. to 17 Street S.E.

Calgarians can rent a car through the following three-tiered pricing structure for on-street parking, as per Communauto:

Tier 1: The $450 fee per year, per car, for Tier 1 is unchanged from The City’s current policy and allows carshare operators to park vehicles in unpaid and residential permit spaces. Tier 1 does not include the downtown core.
Tier 2: costs $840 per year, per car, includes parking in residential, unmetered and metered zones outside of the downtown core.
Tier 3: $1440 per year, per car. Allows operators to use on-street parking in all priced areas, in residential areas and in Calgary’s downtown core.

To support Communauto, Calgary will offer a 50 percent discount to the annual fees for fully-electric carshare vehicles. Further, the city has revised its parking policies to allow carshare vehicles to park beyond posted time limits.

Those interested in Communauto can pre-register or become beta-testers through this website with the exclusive use of a car for free (until the complete fleet is available). Service will start regularly in September.

The service will have no monthly fee and usage costs $0.45/minute, $15/hour or $50 for one day and $35 the following days. Communauto is including 100km with the price of a day trip, with addition km billed at $0.20/km. Additionally, drivers can use cars for $2.95/hour, plus $0.29/km, with fuel and insurance included.

Finally, Communauto says it will have increased sanitization measures in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including sanitizer in cars, a requirement to wash hands before and after car use and disinfecting cars on a weekly basis. Drivers can also choose to get up to 15 minutes free time with a car prior to use to disinfect the interior.

More information on Communauto’s services can be found here.

Image credit: Communauto

Source: Communauto