OnePlus might be very close to launching a smartwatch

Will the device come to Canada is the bigger question

A new smartwatch has passed through device certification in Singapore, suggesting that OnePlus is very close to releasing its first smartwatch.

OnePlus’ sister company Oppo just released its first wearable, so it would make sense for OnePlus to follow suit. There have been rumours of a OnePlus watch for years now, and given the company has rolled out an ecosystem of TVs, earbuds, chargers and phones, it makes sense to add smartwatch to that list.

If the company does come out with a watch, it will be interesting to see what it looks like. The Oppo Watch looked a lot like an Apple Watch rip-off, but I’d be surprised if OnePlus follows suit with a similar design.

Hopefully, the company rolls out something unique that utilizes its new killer design language. However, since this will be its first smartwatch, I think it’s going to look very Stock Wear OS-like.

The other significant question is if this watch will even come to North America. OnePlus seems to test new products in India first, so there’s a pretty big chance that the watch launches there. The rest of the world is a lot more hit or miss.

Source: MSPoweruser