Bell offering prepaid customers $50/8GB and other postpaid promotional plans

Prepaid customers who switch to postpaid can choose between $30/2GB, $40/6GB or $50/8GB promo plans

Bell is offering a new promotion to move customers from prepaid to postpaid.

Sent in by a MobileSyrup reader, the Quebec-based national telecom company is sending out emails to its prepaid customers, offering a deal if they switch over to a postpaid month-to-month plan. Customers can pair the plan with a new phone as well, if they choose.

Each plan offers unlimited Canada-wide talk, and unlimited Canada-wide, U.S. and international texting.

Data-wise the promotions come in three different offerings:

  • 2GB of data for $30 per month
  • 6GB of data for $40 per month
  • 8GB of data for $50 per month

Bell is also letting customers put their current balances towards their new monthly plan.

The company says that up to $50 of your balance will come off the first bill and $20 thereafter until your balance reaches $0.

Bell says the offer ends on September 30th. If you’re a Bell prepaid customer and haven’t received the email, check out the deal here.

Thanks, Paul