Google’s upcoming ‘Sabrina’ media streaming device listed on Canadian database

Sabrina and its associated remote both got listings on the REL, suggesting an imminent launch

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Rumours have swirled about Google’s upcoming streaming media device with codename ‘Sabrina.’ However, it now appears Sabrina has passed through Canadian certification as the device turned up on the government’s Radio Equipment List (REL) database.

Two Google devices bearing model numbers ‘GZRNL’ and ‘G9N9N’ turned up in the REL database, which suggests we could see a launch sometime soon. Considering Google last launched a new streaming device alongside the Pixel 3 series a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sabrina launch alongside the upcoming Pixel 5 in the fall.

The REL database confirms that GZRNL is likely the Sabrina unit itself. The database labels it an ‘Interactive Media Streaming Device.’ G9N9N, on the other hand, is simply a ‘Wireless Device.’ It’s expected to be Sabrina’s included remote.

MySmartPrice also discovered a “dongle” with model number GPJ110 on an Indonesian telecom database. While it’s not immediately clear what this is, past rumours about a Google device with that model number indicate it’s an upcoming Chromecast, potentially a replacement to the Chromecast Ultra.

This isn’t the first time that Sabrina turned up in a government database. It recently appeared on an FCC database, which also labelled it an interactive media streaming device.

Based on past leaks, Sabrina will likely support up to 4K video, HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and feature an automatic low-latency mode, which will probably work with Google’s Stadia game streaming platform.

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Source: REL Via: MySmartPrice