YouTube Music shaking up user-focused playlists with new endless ‘Your Mix’

This replaces the older 'Your Mix' playlist

Another day, another small update to YouTube Music. This time around, Google’s tweaking the app’s ‘Your Mix’ personalized playlist to become an auto-generated list of 100 songs, instead of a small playlist.

While a list of songs might sound like a playlist to most people, the main difference here is that once you tap or click on the new Your Mix, it just starts playing music it thinks you like. Tapping on the previous playlist allowed users to open it and select what songs they wanted to play.

It’s hard to say which version is better, but there is a simple efficiency involved with the new endless version that I kind of like. Just tap the list’s icon and boom, unlimited music that should be geared towards your tastes.

If you’re not a fan of the music in the new list, you can just back out and tap the button again for a newly generated version with new songs. You can also swipe up from the bottom to see the up next queue and select songs from there. You’ll be able to find Your Mix int he ‘Made for you’ section of the Youtube Music homepage.

All tiers of YouTube Music subscribers can access this new list, but free users are going to need to keep their app open since they can’t play music as a background application on mobile.

Google’s other personalized mixes, including the ‘Discovery Mix’ and the ‘New Release Mix’, are still being treated the same. Each playlist gets a weekly update that refreshes the song’s within it. These are similar to Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ and ‘Release Radar.’

As YouTube Music slowly gets up to par with other modern music streamers, it’s nice to see the company build out its own features like this new endless mix to help separate it from Spotify and Apple Music.

The other prominent feature the streaming service has is that it allows people to merge user-created content on YouTube and actual songs into the same playlists. It also allows users to upload their own music to the service and use it as a music-based cloud storage location. Both of these options give Youtube Music a leg up in terms of content, but it’s unable to beat Spotify’s social features and Apple’s cool radio stations.

Via: 9to5Google