Next Google Pixelbook codenamed ‘Halvor,’ could launch in 2021

The device should feature faster speeds and better battery life than existing Pixelbooks

Google is working on its next Pixelbook, but it’s still unclear if it’s going to be a successor the more recent Pixelbook Go or 2017’s Pixebook.

Google’s Pixelbooks are some of the nicest designed Chromebooks on the market right now, and now it looks like Google is working on another one.

Some of the device’s specs have leaked, according to Chrome Unboxed. The publication says that the name ‘Halvor’ was discovered in the Chrome code repository.

The Halvor laptop is reportedly being built on Intel’s Tiger Lake platform, which should offer faster speeds and better battery life than other Google Chromebooks. The chipset also supports 4K and USB 4.0.

The reason that Chrome Unboxed thinks that this information relates to a new Pixelbook is because it includes references to an Assistant button, which only appears on Google Chromebooks.

There isn’t any other information available about Halvor, but it makes sense for Google to be working on a new PixelBook. After all, both the Pixelbook and the Pixelbook Go received relatively positive reviews.

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Source: Chrome Unboxed