Nintendo eShop now lets you cancel pre-orders a week before game launches

You now have seven days until a game releases to cancel your pre-order

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo is finally letting users cancel eShop pre-orders.

Previously, if you pre-ordered a game you would get charged immediately, and if you happened to change your mind, Nintendo’s policy offered no pre-order refunds.

Now, the Japanese gaming giant has announced that it will no longer take the user’s money as soon as they pre-order a title. Instead, the eShop will charge a user’s card seven days before the official release. This means that users have a week before a game launches to get a refund.

A statement from Nintendo of Japan’s website says the new policy launched on September 1st at 2am ET. I’ve tried the pre-order cancellation feature on the Canadian eShop and can confirm that it works.

To cancel your eShop pre-orders, click here.