Twitter rolling out new features to explain trending topics

The social media giant wants to add more context to confusing trends

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Twitter is going to start adding pinned tweets and descriptions on trends to help explain why something is trending.

“Trends show what everyone is talking about right now. But too often, we look at one word or phrase trending on Twitter and ask, ‘why is this trending?,’” the social media giant explained in a blog post.

Twitter says that sometimes the right tweet can help make sense of a trend, which is why some trends will now have a representative tweet pinned to them to give users more context right away.

It notes that a combination of algorithms and Twitter’s curation team will determine if a tweet represents a trend by evaluating if it’s reflective of the trend and popular. Twitter says that its algorithms are designed to identify representative tweets that aren’t potentially abusive, spam or posted by accounts trying to take advantage of its system.

The new feature is rolling out to Twitter for iOS and Android now, and will be launching on the web platform soon.

Twitter says that users should also expect to see brief descriptions added to some trends as well in the coming weeks. Descriptions are meant to provide straightforward, clearly sourced context around why something is trending.

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Source: Twitter