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SyrupCast 222: Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2, smartwatch showdown

SyrupCast regulars Brad, Patrick and Dean jump on the pod this week to talk about the latest foldable Samsung device, the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

While the smartphone is a major improvement over the first Z Fold, the crew, minus Dean, are still not sold on the extremely expensive foldable handset.

That said, it’s still super cool and might just be where the future of smartphones are headed.

After the team finishes discussing the Z Fold 2, they move on to talk about smartwatches. As COVID-19 has forced everyone to spent a lot of time indoors, Brad, Patrick and Dean have changed the way that they use wearables.

For the most part, it seems like the Apple Watch is still the wearable king, but surprisingly, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line isn’t that far behind.

Listen to this week’s episode below or on your favourite podcast streaming service.

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