LG Wing eight-second video shows swivelling phone in action

The video might be eight seconds long but it shows quite a bit of the upcoming phone

An eight-second video has appeared on YouTube showing off LG’s upcoming swivelling smartphone the Wing.

In the video, you can see the Wing in its T-mode and its secondary screen on the homepage, with the top part (primary display) on the ‘Quick Settings’ page, as well as the notification panel where you can see notifications, brightness, volume and some of its quick setting tiles.

The bottom part of the ‘T’ showcases the search bar and eight apps.

Additionally, the video reveals the size and thickness of the device. The phone doesn’t look that big, but it’s evidently quite thick. The Wing is rumoured to feature a 6.8-inch primary display and a 4-inch secondary screen.

Rumours don’t mention the device’s depth, but it does look thicker than most other smartphones on-the-market. Additional leaks suggest the phone sports a Snapdragon 765G processor, 5G connectivity and a triple rear camera setup.

LG will unveil the Wing on September 14th at 10am ET on its official YouTube and Facebook pages. It’s unknown if this phone will release in Canada, but a report indicates that the device costs 1.9 million won (about $2,106 CAD)

Source: 무지개 엔터테인먼트 Via: Ishan Agarwal